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New Fundraising Guidelines and P&L requests (team accounts)

1.   Use of the Tomahawk logo and Organizational name.   

Teams may use the Tomahawk logo and Organizational name for fundraising.

The name and logo may be used freely on t-shirts and apparel to be worn by the team making it.  Any other use of the name or logo requires permission from the Board.  To obtain permission, submit an email to the Board with the type of fundraiser, contact information for the company providing the fundraiser, the amount you expect to raise and the purpose of the fundraiser.           


2.    Team Accounts

The only bank account a team may have is the one created by the Organization.

Two people not from the same family are to be on the team account.

All Teams must deposit all team funds (team fee’s, fundraising dollars, etc.) into the bank accont set up by the Organization   Checks  are preferred from team parents;  no cash accounts.

Teams are to submit a beginning of year profit and loss statement to the Board Treasurer                                                                           (This should include team fees collected, and any other funds collected prior to this date.)

Teams are to submit an end of year profit and loss statement to the board Treasurer by December 1, 2017. 
(This should include the entire season's credits and debit’s including all banquet costs.

Both Football and Cheer Teams need to comply with the above each year.