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Thank you for choosing the Lakota Tomahawks, the best sideline recreational cheer program serving the Lakota School District. 


The Lakota Tomahawks sideline cheer program establishes squads for Lakota Local students in grades K-6 that cheer for Tomahawks football teams of the same grade. Cheerleaders are grouped by grade level, not ability, and no prior experience is necessary! We welcome all stages of interest and ability, with the goal of having fun, learning basic cheer technique, and cheering our teams on to victory!


Sideline cheer programs focus on basic cheer motions and jumps, learning game day cheers, a hello cheer, and typically a half time dance. While it is wonderful that some of our cheerleaders may have previously learned tumbling skills, we do not stunt or teach tumbling tricks in our sideline program. 


All of our coaches are volunteers, and give of their time for the love of cheerleading (and typically their cheerleader!). The Lakota Tomahawks generally have two pods (or age groupings) of teams and squads, with sometimes a third in specific grades depending on need. It is usual that each grade level will have two squads per grade, but this is also dependent on the number of cheerleader registrations each year. 


The commitment level for a sideline cheer program is not as stringent as one would expect with a competition program. In general, cheerleading squads will practice two nights a week during the summer, with one practice per week once school starts. Depending on the grade level, these practices can be 1-2 hours in length. Typically 1 hour per practice for grades K-4, 2 hours per practice for grades 4-6. The days and times for practices, as well as the length of practice and practice location are determined by the coach. Practice days are not typically pre-determined by squad so it is not possible to request a specific squad based on the nights a week they practice.


While it is best practice and our policy to place cheerleaders on squads with children in their grade, we do understand that families may have situations where they would like their cheerleader to be placed on another grade level squad to cheer with or for a sibling. Cheerleaders can cheer a maximum of one year above or below their grade level ONLY to be placed with a sibling. Should the sibling play or cheer beyond one year removed from the cheerleaders grade level, they will not be permitted to have alternate placement. We will, however, do our best to place the cheerleader in the same pod as the sibling so schedules can be synced for families.  


Practices begin in July, with games starting the first weekend in August. Games are played on Saturdays or Sundays, and are generally each weekend through the end of October. Game days, times, and locations are determined by the league, and the schedule is released over the summer. All Lakota Tomahawks home games are played at Lakota East or Lakota West High School stadium. Away games are played at other league fields in the Cincinnati area. 


Cheer registration for the 2022 season is closed. This is due to the fact that uniforms are custom ordered for our cheerleaders, and orders must be placed so they are ready for the start of the season. After registration has closed, cheerleaders are placed on their grade level squads, and coaches will be reaching out in the weeks following with details about practices and getting the season started! 


Costs for participation are as follows:

$140-Cheerleading Registration Fee

This includes the full game day uniform (to keep!)

Uniform includes:

Uniform vest top, skirt, boy shorts, long sleeved shell, shoes, cheer bow, and tshirt!

Season participation 


$60 Volunteer Fee

This fee is collected to ensure the organization is able to run our game day experience as all have come to expect. This fee can be earned back (in full!) by working a shift in our concession stand or entrance gate at a home game. 


$60 Fundraising Fee

This fee allows the Tomahawks to balance operating costs, pay for referees, field rentals, etc. Families are provided local discount cards which can be sold as a personal fundraiser to earn this fee back.


Coaches do have the option to collect team fees to pay for incentives for the cheerleaders or for purchasing additional equipment for their squads. These fees are not to exceed $100 a cheerleader. These additional items may include a water bottle, jacket, or all-weather warm up outfit. 


Cheerleaders are each issued a cheer sling bag, set of pom poms, and a megaphone for their use during the season. These equipment items are returned at the end of the season, or families are responsible for their replacement costs. 

Have additional questions or need more information? Please contact Katie Bauer at . We can’t wait to cheer with you!